Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Members Photographic Display

Yea Camera Club
Members Photographic Display
In Association with the Yea Rotary Arts Show
January 26/27 2013
In the Yea Railway Complex

The committee has been invited to put on a display of members’ photographs during the Rotary Arts Show, over the Australia Day weekend. To put on a decent showing, we ask/require/expect ALL members to submit between 6 and 10 photographs.

There is no cost to display, but there are some basic rules:
1.Members only photographs.
2.Any subject.

Note: The material must be suitable for viewing by a junior audience, and any material deemed unsuitable by the committee will not be displayed. The committee’s decision on this matter is final.

Photographs displaying recognizable people will require written permission from the person(s) displayed.

3.Photographs must be mounted on matt board with the name of the member on the reverse and contact details, for the return of their photographs.

4. Preferred minimum size is 8x10 ( 20x25 cm) - maximum  18 x 20 (45x51cm)approx..

5.Mounted photographs must be delivered to either Kim Wyllie in Aldous Street Yea or Judy Hoffmann at Chisholm & Shaw , by January 14th 2013

Help will be appreciated to man the display over that weekend and to assemble on the Friday.
Happy snapping - you have 12 days to complete your mission!

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