Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Photographing Raptors - Shepparton

Meeting held 10th April 2013

Apologies were received from Kim Whyllie, Alan Synnott, Pauline Roberts, Ian Wallace and Andrew Potts.

It was a pleasure to welcome as guests and potential members - Lyn Bryant, Kerry Gouldthorpe, Sue Schreiber and Nigel Kenny. We hope you enjoyed the evening and found it informative too!

Our apologies to Mandy, Ricky and Kelly re our failure to communicate after the display. Our systems are not perfect but you are on the list now.  I hope that Therese Morris is now receiving the updates.

We congratulate those members who contributed photos. for the Seymour Garden Show and thank Kim for delivering them and Ann for collecting them. The composite presentations were awarded 1st and 2nd. prizes.

Field trip to Jamieson - It was decided that since the objective was to capture the autumn colours, the outing should be postponed to a later date when the colours were more apparent. A new date is to be fixed recommended not before  April 27/28. Be aware we have another outing planned for May so we need to avoid close proximity of the dates.Please advise any preferences.

Our thanks to Alan Cole for an instructive presentation on Action Photography.The first Tigers home game is on Saturday 20th. april. If any member would like to try their hand at sport photography,please advise me so that we can meet at the ground and perhaps obtain free entry for the group.

Alister is to provide a photo for digital manipulation.To be forwarded to all members. This is a fun, self training exercise to find out what the various software programmes can do. Skill comes with knowledge and practise.


Based on the Action presentation, please provide on a memory stick at the next meetimg - 
Any subject
a stop action photo 
a panning action photo
a blurred movement photo.

Capture an Idea this month is Candle/Candelabra. Please bring your entry as a print- minimum size 10 x 15 cm.

The committee is still working on a proposal for the Photographic Exhibition and competition over the Cup Day weekend in November. Stay tuned.

Members are advised that registrations for VAPS conference closes April 23rd.

for the Yea Camera Club committee