Friday, 11 October 2013

Yea Art Show 2014

This post requires your immediate attention.
Please reply either positive or negative.
We need your response by Monday 14th.

At Wednesday night’s meeting a discussion was held around what form the clubs presence at the Arts Carnival should take. The event this year will be bigger than ever and a good chance to promote the club and show off some of your best work.

You will remember that last year we had in the vicinity of 100 prints on display in the ‘Goods Shed’ over the Australia Day weekend. The event will again be held over the Australia Day weekend.

We are looking for ideas of the format for this year and a commitment from members to man the display. We would like to get enough members to volunteer so that each manning stint is only 2 hours.

What format do you think the display should TAKE?

Please email yeacamera (at)  or John C NOW with your offer of assistance (or not) and your ideas. Help the committee make the event one that truly reflects the wishes of the club members.

Some suggestions have been put forward already.
  • A collage of daily photos that ‘describe’ the Arts Carnival. (this is a creative idea but would require a fair bit of commitment for members to not only take shots of the events happenings over the week of the event but also to print and display the prints daily).
  • Each member provides 10 mounted prints for display. (The prints would have to include a majority that were not used in our Spring Photo Competition or the Yea Show).
  • Make prints available for sale.
  • Run a workshop on some aspect of photography.  Michaels Cameras have offered to present a subject to our club at some time. Possibly make a small charge to attend. Find someone to do a presentation on photographic software such as Lightroom, Picasa etc
  • Accompany presentation with display that showcases the use of software.

Please make the committee’s job hard by giving us so many ideas it will be difficult to decide what to do and have so many helpers it will make manning whatever we do easy.


Your club needs you.

We need some more volunteers to sell raffle tickets outside the supermarket for 2 hour stints between now and the middle of November. If you can help even for just one 2-hour time slot please reply to this email and let John know.  

It’s  only 2 hours so please help the club sell heaps of tickets. The prizes this year are fantastic so the tickets should be easy to sell. Two people per shift makes it more pleasant for all.