Sunday, 3 November 2013

November meeting

Because it is a holiday long weekend for some, we thought it would be an ideal opportunity to get out there with your cameras and take your SHAGGY photos and if you haven't already, either start or finish your Black and White homework. (Details below)

Next meeting of the club will be Wednesday 13th.

This may be the last time John wilI see some members before the Yea Ag Show, so can ALL raffle tickets sold/unsold be returned to him at the meeting together with monies to Ann.

If you cannot make the meeting please ensure that you give your raffle monies and ticket books, sold/unsold, to someone who is attending. Thank you.

Take photographs of 4 different subjects
You will need to take 2 of each subject
One in Camera Mode - Black & White
An identical photograph of the subject in colour
Convert the colour photograph to black & white with your software.
Bring them along next month on your memory stick so we can all compare.
Please write down the procedures of your conversion.

Judes Suggestions

Still Life Subject (Look for something OLD)
Landscape Midday
Same Landscape at Dusk
If you have a Polarizer give it a try.
Then take another photo without the polarizer of the same subject and let’s see the difference

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