Sunday, 16 March 2014

Homework for March - Tryptich

Please send this month's homework to Alan Cole at his personal email address. Check your email from John C for the address.
To limit costs for Alan as he is on satellite internet connection and to reduce the time for him to download, we ask that your photographs are resized before sending. If not sure how to do that see below.

Please ensure that your photographs do not exceed 1MB each.

If you send them directly from Outlook Express in Windows XP or 7 and ask to make your pictures smaller, in John's experience with his camera, the photos end up about 100kb. Not so in Win 8/8.1.

You can resize via Microsoft Office. Go <office/tools>, <picture manager> <resize>. Choose a %. You can retry if not the right size. 

If you are using Win 8/8.1 go to the Store and look for Photo Resize Apps. There are several that are free.Some of these are fairly basic though.

If you use Picasa 3 go to <Tools, Options> select the 'Email' tab. select the email account to use, set the send size to 800 pixels. OK. This only needs to be once and will stay tis way until you change these settings.

In the Library or View page left click the photo to send,  or use the CTRL key and multiple select. When all the photos are selected go to <File/Email> and an email will open with the images attached, resized ready to add the senders address and a text and send.

Sorry for Mac users,I have no info. But I suspect the Picasa for Mac will be much the same.

Remember the homework is 3 still life photos that tell a story.
Please send to Alan Cole by 7.00pm Wednesday 19th.
We hope that this procedure will be for this month only, thereafter we hope to use the blog site.

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