Sunday, 30 March 2014

Minutes March Meeting - Landscape Photography

Homework - 3 Landscape photographs of the same scene taken at different times of the day. Send to AlanC by Sunday 6th @7.00pm. Please make image size small.

Minutes of the general meeting 22nd March 2014

Present: Kim Wyllie Alan Synnott  Ann Anstey  John Clayton  Alan Cole                  Mary White  Ian Wallace  Joy Clayton  Kerry Gouldthorpe   Judy Hoffmann
Prospective new members; Peter White and Sean Munley
Apologies: Pauline Roberts
Guest Presenter Rene Martins
Guest Will from ABC Open Shepparton

Capture an Idea TEXTURE photographs were open judged by Rene and thereafter the members were asked to vote for their  concept of best  photograph.

Homework - still life triptych  was viewed.

Rene Martins gave a presentation on Landscape photography.

Guidelines and tips not rules.
  1. You must like your own photographs.
  2. Rule of thirds a tip not a rule.
  3. High depth of field essential.
  4. Use HDR for enhanced colour and detail.
  5. Picture requires a focal point, a foreground, middle and background. He is a minimalist.
  6. Tripod is optional.
  7. Use a sky to add to the picture or minimize if flat sky.
  8. Lines and curves add to interest and hold attention.
  9. Movement can be both a detraction and an interest.
  10. Weather and time of day are important to the composition.
  11. Know the 'sweetspot' of your lens and shoot in RAW.

Will indicated a willingness to talk to the club on post camera enhancement and process or any problem area we nominated.

The meeting continued at Murchison Gap for the Golden Hour photographs. Rene assisted members with composition and exposure.

Vote of thanks to Rene and Will.

Members had a picnic tea in the twilight/dark and returned home about 8.30pm.
Next meeting  April 9th at 7.00pm in the RSL
Capture an Idea - TWIST bring as a photograph.

We need to firm up interest in an Autumn Colours shoot. Date? Where? Day trip or overnighter? Please sent an email with your ideas to or to JohnC. 

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