Thursday, 10 April 2014

Minutes for Wed 9th April

Minutes of the general meeting held 9/04/14 in the RSL hall

Present: Ann A .Alan C. Alan S. Peter W. Joy C. John C. Kerry G. Kim W. Judy H. Mary W.

Apologies: Pauline R. Sean M .Ian W.

Guest Presenter: Tuck Leong

Subject: Macro and Close-up Photography
Kim welcomed members and guest presenter. Issued latest club calendar of events.

Tuck gave an individual critique on “Capture an Idea” entries - “Twist.”

Tuck gave a short presentation on difference between close-up, macro and micro photography. Outline on potential of various different lenses, zoom and primary, to take close-up and macro photos.( Macro being 1:1 ) Indicated required equipment, plus patience and insect repellent?. Illustrated his talk with stunning examples of orchid and insect photos.

From the floor - Concern raised re requirements of Football Netball clubs to take individual and group and match photos for very little recognition. Requires a large time commitment from members sometimes in bleak conditions.
Kim W. to talk to Tom o’d re match up of club request and camera club’s support.

Capture an Idea for May - EMPTY

Homework If you have a macro lens try to get 1:1 or better shots otherwise get close ups.

  1. An Insect 
  2. A spray of flowers 
  3. Close up of a flower 
  4. A creative close-up/macro photo of a flower.

Kim thanked our guest. Meeting closed.

Let John C know what dates you can assist with the Tigers games photography. Please consider one weekend of the season and the load will be shared around.

Monday, 7 April 2014

Yea Tigers Photography!

It's that time again

The Yea Camera Club provides the photographic resources for the Tigers games for publication in the Chronicle.

Don't be shy - put your name down to join in the fun and take photos for the Tigers.

Get your name on the roster and do your bit for the Yea Tigers and the Yea Camera Club.

John C is compiling a roster. Let him known which Saturday you can devote a couple of hours to action photography.

Meeting 9th April

Last reminder for Wednesday.
7.00pm in the RSL
Topic - Macro - Guest presenter Tuck Leong
Bring: Cameras and tripods etc and subjects suitable for macro photography.
Capture an Idea is Twist. Bring as a print.
Please note
Through the receipt of your homework, it is apparent that several members have had or are having difficulty in reducing the size of their photos. If you can bring to the meeting a note of the programme/file names you are using, Alan may be able to help and offer suggestions to make it easier for all.