Monday, 23 June 2014

Notice of AGM YCC 2014

The AGM of the Yea Camera Club Inc 
will be held at the 
RSL Hall Yea at 
7PM, 9th July 2014.

Note. At this meeting, all executive positions will be declared vacant and nominations called to fill them. 
These positions are: President, Vice President Treasurer, Secretary and up to 3 committee members.

Nominations must be in writing and with the consent of the nominee. Nominations can be given to the secretary prior to the meeting or on the night.

Agenda for the AGM of the Yea Camera Club Incorporated

The ordinary business of the AGM will be:

1.     Confirm the minutes of the previous AGM.
2.     Receive and consider the President’s report on the activities of the club in the previous financial year.
3.     Receive and consider the financial reports from the Treasurer.
4.     To confirm or vary the amounts of the annual subscription.
5.     To elect new officers.

After conclusion of the AGM, the regular monthly meeting will continue.

1.     Judge the Capture an Idea photo “Motion”
2.     View the homework – 3 reflection photos (send to Alan C. by Sunday evening of the 6th July).
3.     Presentation by Judy Hoffmann

4.     General business.

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