Friday, 19 September 2014

October Meeting

The next meeting of the camera club will be October 8th.

Dexys Midnight Runners Album

Capture an Idea is Something Old and Something New. (Image - Dexys Midnight Runners) Please bring to the meeting as a photo.

Homework is  three photos taken at the same aperture. I suggest you choose a variety of different subjects to get the most out of this exercise.
Send your images to Alan Cole please by Sunday 5th.

The topic for the evening is Night Photography. Possibly we can photo an eclipse.
Penumbral Eclipse begins8 Oct at 7:17 PM83°East0.5° belowNot directly visibleBelow horizon
Moonrise8 Oct at 7:21 PM82°East0.0° belowNot directly visibleBelow horizon
Partial Eclipse begins8 Oct at 8:18 PM73°East-northeast10.0°Eclipse as seen from earthPartial moon eclipse starts - moon is getting red.
Total Eclipse begins8 Oct at 9:27 PM61°East-northeast22.1°Eclipse as seen from earthTotal moon eclipse starts - completely red moon.
Maximum Eclipse8 Oct at 9:55 PM56°Northeast26.6°Eclipse as seen from earthMoon is closest to the center of the shadow.
Total Eclipse ends8 Oct at 10:22 PM50°Northeast30.7°Eclipse as seen from earthTotal moon eclipse ends.

There is no tutorial planned.

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