Friday, 7 August 2015

August Meeting

Next meeting of the camera club will be Wednesday 12th August.

 AGM at 7.00pm sharp 

Nominations are required for all positions and a review of the past 12 months will be given. 

ALL members are encouraged to attend.

The regular meeting will follow after the closure of the AGM.

We have a guest presenter from Shepparton Camera House
and he is also bringing a bag full of goodies to view/buy?

Remember your homework on MACRO photography. 

}Using a tripod and 2 sec delay or remote release and the smallest subject you can find such as a tiny flower (or the stamen of a flower) or narrow blade of grass with water droplets on it… anything small
}Take a macro shot using the cameras macro mode but up as close as the camera will focus at
}If you have a macro lens or extension tubes, take the same subject as close up as the camera will allow at f5 or lower
}Take the same shot with f18. Note the settings
}Take a macro or very close up shot, hand held. Note the settings.

Please send to Alan Cole by Monday.

Also remember your Capture an Idea print - this month it's CHILLI.

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