Tuesday, 24 November 2015

November update

1. "Photography of The Age " by Kathleen Whelan – newspaper photography in Australia from glass plate negatives to digital, examines how photojournalists work – their ideas, techniques, their cameras and how they create such memorable images daily. 284 pages hard backed book $ 22 for an order of 8 or $39.95 each.

Contact John C for more details.
2. Interclub competition is  judged at the annual VAPS conference, this year in Albury in June.
2015 rules required 15 prints with a max of 2 prints per person and 15 jpegs, which to me requires 8 persons to enter. As a club are we interested, and do we have 8 persons at least who would submit entries?

Let John C know ASAP if you are interested.
3. There is still time to let Ann know that you are coming to the Christmas meeting at the RMH.

If you haven't let Ann know please do so NOW so that she can confirm the booking.

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