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VAPS AGM Minutes

Victorian Association of Photographic Societies Inc
Postal Address: PO Box 2010, South Melbourne 3205
Incorporation No.: A000 7142B    ABN 84 252 668 335
President: - Ron Speed                                     Secretary: - Lorraine Holden

ABN 84 252 668 335
Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 20 October 2015
At St Peter’s Church, Cnr Neerim Road & Ames Avenue,
The meeting opened at 1:35pm

PRESENT:  Barry Povey & Stephan Ferran (Berwick Viewfinders Camera Club), Lorraine Holden (Camberwell Camera Club), Alex Letelier and Linda Fox (Casey Camera Club), David Doyle (Caulfield Photographic Society), Noni Shugg (Central Highlands Imaging & Photographic Assoc), Kerrie Gerloch (Diamond Valley Photographic Society), John Smith (Doncaster Camera Club), Alan Wilson (Essendon Camera Club), Sara Knight, Duane Eaks & Anne Dakin (Ivanhoe Photographic Society), Alfred Zommers (Knox Photographic Society), Ron Mathews (Macedon Ranges Photographic Society), Joy Rollason (Maroondah Photographic Society), Gary Richardson & Ian Bock (Melbourne Camera Club), Danielle LeGassick (Pakenham Camera Club), Jan Burt & Gerry Gore (Rosanna Photographic Club), Peter Calder (Southern Suburbs Photographic Society) and Kerrie Gerloch (Whittlesea Photography Club)

APOLOGIES:  Betty Bibby (Ballarat Camera Club), Shane Coles & Val Moss (Bellarine Camera Club), John Spencer (Benalla Camera Club), Rebecca Nicolandos (Camberwell Camera Club), Irene Giannelli (Central Highlands Imaging & Photographic Association), Allan Burfitt & Damien Lewis (Diamond Valley Photographic Society), Pam Rixon (Doncaster Camera Club), Joseph Maher (Eastern Suburbs Photographic Society), Vera Curnow (Echuca Moama Photo Club), Jeff Sumons, Max Lane & Bob Date (Frankston Photographic Society), Deborah Mullins (Macedon Ranges Photographic Society), Darryl Howman & Neil Roberts (Maroondah Photographic Society), Lesley Bretherton (Melbourne Camera Club), Wally Gore (Rosanna Photographic Club), Bob Clothier & Greg Earl (Southern Suburbs Photographic Society), Paul Spence, Dave Sumner & Vicki Moritz (Waverley Camera Club), Karen Malbon, Cathy Buchanan & Neil Anderson (Williamstown Camera Club) and Brian Paatsch (Wodonga-Albury Camera Club)


Minutes emailed to all delegates via club secretaries

Secretary, Lorraine Holden moved the minutes as circulated by accepted
                                                                        Seconded:  Sara Knight (Ivanhoe)



SECRETARY’S REPORT: (Lorraine Holden)

Since the Half-Yearly Meeting in March, Rupanyup & District Camera Club affiliated, bringing a total of 70 clubs now affiliated with VAPS, with 3258 members.

Throughout the year we have regularly received copies of Warragul Camera Club’s Newsletter and Exposure from the Melbourne Camera Club and clubs are more than welcome to forward copies of their own newsletters.

Affiliation fees will be due by 31 December 2015 and it would be appreciated if clubs could pay by that time.

Moved:  Lorraine Holden                   Seconded:  Irene Giannelli (Central Highland Imaging)                 Carried


You have received the Accountant’s Report for 2014/15.  I have asked him if he could do it again next year but I haven't heard back as yet.

The Balance of the Term Deposit account is                          $14,627.64

The balance of the Convention cheque account is                     $5,472.36

The Cheque account balance this                                             $16,695.39

                                                                        Total                $36,795.39

The accounts that where paid out today at the
Committee meeting                                                                       $382.20

                                                                        Balance            $36,413.19    

Jenny asked permission from the meeting to pay the Honorarium to the Secretary of $300.00 and the Web Master $250.00  for 2015/16.  Approved

The clubs that run Nationals, that is, Warragul, Pakenham, Ballarat and Vigex, will need to write to the VAPS Committee when you require the donation from VAPS.  We don't want you to miss out in receiving it.

Moved:  Jenny Colson                        Seconded:  Margaret Zommers (Committee)



For me it is hard to believe that two years have come and gone since I have had the honour of taking on the role of President. Through this journey I have had the privilege of attending many clubs throughout Victoria. As a result of the hospitality and fellowship I have experienced, I have developed many cherished memories.  Thank you to all who have made this possible, as this is what being part of a community is about.

Today it is with pleasure I announce that next year’s convention will be held in Albury/Wodonga from the 3rd to 5th June. Brian Paatsch and his team up there are and will be working hard to make this a great weekend. From the enthusiasm I have seen I am sure that it is going to be a great weekend.

Over the past two years we have seen the introduction of our new website along with the introduction of a very active Facebook page, which can largely be contributed to Rebecca Nicolandos and her team. Rebecca and her family have now relocated to Ballarat.  On behalf of the VAPS committee we thank you for your contribution and wish you well in this new phase of your life.

We have seen also seen a revamp of Newsbrief and those who have previously contributed to this role know only too well of the enormity of this task.  Credit for this must go to our editor Karel Reus and his assistant Vera Curnow. From the feedback I have received I know the photographic community we serve is very appreciative of your efforts. It is my hope that you all will continue to contribute and support the editorial team.  Today, I would also like to welcome Barry Povey as the new Newsbrief Editor and wish you well in your new role. We are also looking for members to join this team.

At the convention in 2014 we saw the introduction of our new display system at Geelong, which has proved to be a wonderful success, as it has proved so much easier to transport and erect, not to mention giving our display a professional look.

Over this time we have also seen the introduction of a trail photo-book competition, which was originally conceived, and conduct by John Spring. I would like to take this moment to give a vote of thanks to John for his foresight for this project. I would also encourage all our affiliated clubs to get behind this concept, as I believe that it is a great way for photographers to present/preserve their work and in the future we will see the emergence of many more competitions and exhibitions for photographic books.

Over the next few months we will see the introduction of an electronic system for the uploading of the interclub that is being designed by Peter Lawrence. It is sure to simplify our system and will make it much easier for clubs. Thanks to Peter Lawrence for his efforts in developing the system for VAPS, Peter Kewley, Peter Calder and Alfred Zommers for their assistance in bringing this project to fruition. I am sure that Peter Kewley will elaborate on this in due course.

Another project I have been proud to be involved with is the formation of the Australian Photographic Judges Association.  I must thank Paul Robinson who quickly embraced the idea and has been a significant figure in making this happen. Whilst this association is still in its infancy I have no doubts that it will continue to grow and will be of great benefit to all photographers Australia wide. To all that are involved thank you for your commitment to improving standards Australia wide.

Since joining the VAPS committee I have had the privilege of working with some amazing people who continually give up their time freely to see our association flourish in order to support your clubs. I owe a personal debt of gratitude for the support they have given me to represent the association in a way to progress forward.

Today I must give a special thank you to Lorraine Holden our secretary who has given up her time over the past 12 months to keep things going. In the absence of no nominations for her position she has consented to do another year, which I must personally thank her for her generosity to the commitment she has for the association and the broader photographic community. This commitment is well and truly above and beyond what she originally signed up for.

To Jenny Colson, I thank you for all your work and dedication in keeping our finances on track. Even when people are slow to submit their accounts, you still manage to keep things balanced.  Thank you for keeping us all on track.

To Margaret & Alfred Zommers, I take this opportunity to thank you for your support and friendship.  It is highly valued and cherished and to Peter Kewley, I give my personal thanks for your unyielding support and counsel.

Whilst I have named a few, there are many who have contributed and I would be here too long to name and thank you all individually, so to all of you who have helped and given service in any way, I will just say thank you from me and the committee.

To the incoming President Ian Rolfe, I congratulate you on your appointment and hope that you will gain as much fulfilment as I have. Whilst it is a role that will consume much of your time, I am sure you will find it a privilege and rewarding position. To the incoming committee, thank you for commitment and wish you all the best.

My involvement with VAPS has been one that I will cherish, so I would like to take this opportunity to encourage all those within our community to ask yourselves how you can contribute and join the committee.

In 2009 I came to Victoria from Western Australia for one year and quickly fell in love with the State, so much so that I decided it was to become our permanent home. However, due to events over the past four weeks, we will be returning to Western Australia on a permanent basis within the next six weeks. It is a decision that has not come lightly, as I have come to value and embrace the life style Victoria has given me. However, I have put my family first, so today is very sad for me, as I know that I am giving up the opportunity to be part of a wonderful community but I am leaving with many new friends. On behalf of Marg and myself, I thank all those who have offered their prayers and heartfelt thoughts. I look forward to continuing the friendships I have made and hope that in some way I will still be able to contribute to VAPS.

Moved:  Ron Speed                            Seconded:  Alfred Zommers (Knox)   Carried


BADGES & AWARDS:  (Margaret Zommers)

Margaret informed the delegates that the SSVAPS and Meritorious Service Award protocols have been adjusted and proceeded to read the new protocols and advised that copies would be forwarded to clubs in due course.

NEWSBRIEF:  (Karel Reus)

No report, as Karel was an apology.

JUDGING:  (Alfred Zommers)

Alfred reported that VAPS was no longer running judges courses and that these were now being run by APJA.  At the moment he is just monitoring the judges list which is sent out to clubs and currently all information on the judges list is current.

HISTORY:  (Alan Wilson)

Nothing to report at this stage.

WEBSITE:  (Rebecca Nicolandos)

Although an apology for the meeting, Rebecca sent in her report as follows:

On a weekly basis, we have had 836 unique visits to the web page and in the previous week we had 1,277.

The Facebook page currently has 274 likes and provides a good connection with people in social media circles and is another avenue to distribute Newsbrief.

The main change to the website this year was that of the hosting company. In April 2015 the hosting company was changed from Design Experts based in Bendigo, to Pretty Digital based in Sydney. There were no interruptions to our website during this time. Thanks to Betty Bibby for sourcing the best hosting solution for us.

Recently, the domain name of was relinquished. We had two domain names in use, both directing traffic to the one website. As we are a voluntary organisation we have selected to stay with So please keep in mind to type in when searching directly for our site.

The Newsbrief page on the website has been very successful this year as it allows people to subscribe to our newsletter from home. The data is automatically entered into our Mailchimp account which distributes the newsletter to club members and interested people.

POLICY REVIEW:  (Peter Calder)

Peter reported that he, Margaret Zommers and Peter Kewley will be looking at the By-Laws document and the Model Rules, to ensure it is up to date.

ASSETS REGISTER:  (Jenny Colson)

Jenny reported that the committee had purchased the following items in 2014/2015:

One HDMI Cable                                                                   $20.00

Two Channel Receiver and Microphones                               $1,026.00

One HDMI Spitter plug                                                          $16.95

Coupling for the trailer                                                           $49.00

One Microphone headset                                                        $73.50

CONVENTION 2016:  (Ron Speed)

We are pleased to announce that the 2016 VAPS Convention and Interclub exhibition will be held in ALBURY over the weekend of JUNE 4th and 5th.

Albury put their hand up to manage the Convention and mounting of the exhibition next year and we are very grateful for the work that Brian Paatsch and the Albury Wodonga club have put into securing a top rate venue for the convention.

It will be held at the Albury Commercial Club where many successful VAPS and APSCON events have been held in the past.

Members will be assured of a high standard of venue, catering and a great BBQ on the Sunday.

The VAPS Convention weekend in Albury also coincides with the opening of the new Murray Art Museum Albury, (National Photographic exhibition with prize money around the $40,000 mark). An extended, but separate, “Stay Another Day” programme is being prepared to entice delegates to stay on and enjoy the new Arts Museum and all that the region has to offer.

More information will be distributed via Newsbrief and the VAPS website.

INTERCLUB 2016:  (Peter Kewley)

We are planning some important changes to the Interclub process.

There will be a new web based upload system replacing the paper entries.

Clubs will be able to enter their maker’s details and upload the digital files directly to the electronic form; Print titles and makers will also be entered electronically and transmitted to the VAPS team.

This will reduce the amount of work that goes into compiling the information each year and hopefully cut down the workload by a number of days.

It will put the onus of correct entries, maker’s names and files on to clubs. Clubs will enter all details of EDPI, Prints and AV’s to the new system, Prints and AV’s will still need to be delivered by the Mid Year meeting date.

We also ask that clubs pack their prints in sleeves or portfolio cases and not use wooden boxes where possible, Country club excepted where that are sent by post.

Reason being is that the boxes take up so much room and that also cause damage in passenger vehicles.

All portfolio reports moved by Lorraine Holden   Seconded:  Alfred Zommers


1.         Gary Richardson (Melbourne Camera Club) advised that they were ready to accept hosting of the VAPS AGM, Half Yearly Meeting and Judging, as usual but also advised that renovations were to be carried out at Melbourne Camera Club until mid year 2016.

2.         Ian Bock (Melbourne Camera Club) advised that with the PhotoBook Competition, now any supplier could produce a book for a maximum cost of $100 and may be involved at the 2016 convention.

3.         Ian Bock also advised that Monash Gallery of Art was showing the 2015 Bowness Photography Prize entries

4.         Vera Curnow, retiring member of the committee, though unable to attend the meeting requested that her email, as follows be read to the delegates.

I would like to thank the VAPS community and the committee specifically in welcoming me in the role as general committee member last year. I have thoroughly enjoyed spending time with planning and assisting various aspects of the role including Newsbrief and the Convention in Bendigo. Surprisingly to most, it was my first VAPS convention I had attended, and having the unique opportunity to be witness to behind the scenes planning and development of the convention activities, and helping to run the Friday night social activities, I enjoyed learning and experiencing this in 2015.

Unfortunately my personal commitments require me to step down from this position. I hope that in the future I will return to committee in a more full capacity and the people I have met have made this last year’s activities worthwhile to me personally as an added benefit. I encourage anyone who would like to give some time to helping the committee to put their hand up today and start the enjoyable participation of this VAPS committee and gain much from the experience. Thank you. I will look forward to keeping in touch with many of the friends I have made throughout this last year of involvement.


Ron advised that there would be a special resolution meeting held in conjunction with the Half Yearly Meeting in 2016.


The following nominations were received:

President:                    Ian Rolfe (Southern Suburbs Photographic Society)
Secretary:                    Lorraine Holden (Camberwell Camera Club)
Treasurer:                    Jeanette Colson (Essendon Camera Club)

Vice-President:           Alfred Zommers (Knox Photographic Society)
Vice-President:           Peter Kewley (Frankston Photographic Society)

Committee:                 Margaret Zommers (Knox Photographic Society)
                                    Peter Calder (Southern Suburbs Photographic Society)
                                    Barry Povey (Berwick Viewfinder Camera Club)
                                    Alan Wilson (Essendon Camera Club)                      
                                    Rebecca Nicolandos (Camberwell Camera Club)


Half Yearly Meeting – Sunday, 20 March 2016 – 1:30pm
Venue:  St Peter’s Church, Cnr Neerim Road & Ames Avenue, Murrumbeena
(Melways:  68 K5)
Before the meeting closed, Peter Kewley gave a vote of thanks to Ron Speed for his contribution as President.

Meeting closed:  2:43pm.

After the meeting concluded, Danielle LeGassick (Pakenham Camera Club) and Betty Bibby (Ballarat Camera Club) were seconded to the committee, with Betty Bibby being seconded, as her nomination form did not arrive before the meeting commenced.

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