Saturday, 16 April 2016

Minutes of Meeting April 13th 2016

General Meeting of the Yea Camera Club held Wednesday 13 April in the Yea RSL Rooms @ 7.00pm

Kerry Gouldthorpe, Stuart McLennan, Pauline Roberts, John and Joy Clayton ,Alan Cole  Alan Synnott, Phil Glowacki, Bryon Worth, Gidget Knight, Ann and Andrew Potts  Maree Hanby, Judy Hoffman, Colin Whiteway

Kim Wyllie, Michael Minter

Nigel Kenny and Ron Litjens

Kerry announced that Ann Anstey had won 3rd prize in a national wetlands competition.

Pauline announced that there would be a 2016 Yea Show and interested parties could attend the next meeting of the society on Tuesday May10.

Nigel Kenny presented on Colour Management. Although given as a 'Basic Introduction', the talk was detailed. The objective of colour management is to obtain perfect reproduction and he detailed the components of the reproduction system and the requirement to calibrate each in order for them to talk the same language. The outcome should be a visible difference in the quality of reproduction.

Ron Litjens critiqued the “open” photographs. His winner was Andrew Potts with commendations for Michael Minter and John Clayton.

Ann Anstey announced the Peers Choice winner was Michael Minter with commendations to Joy Clayton and Ann Anstey.

Ann also announced that Emma Gillette was proposing a ½ day weekend workshop on Textures. 

Mitchell Photo Club sought our interest in attending their meeting in June on photographic paper, and our interest in a joint outing. Ann will provide further information at our next meeting. (There seemed to be support for an outing; little visible support for attendance at their meeting , and further information was required on the Texture presentation.

Capture an idea for May is  Animal/s

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