Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Australian Photography Awards

My name is Harriet and together with my college Tom Goldner we run Australian Photography Awards (APA), Australia's newest annual photography competition. I was given your email from Jack Jansen through Barry Feldman.
We are launching at the beginning of June and hence things are         ramping up to launch date. We would love to advertise our completion to your members and let them know who we are.
Here is a little further info regarding our completion.
We feel photography is about being part of a bigger social movement. It's a powerful medium that plays an integral role in bringing people together and connecting our society. From ending wars to inspiring equality, history has shown us that the power of a great photograph can influence positive change. Australian Photography Awards is here to promote understanding, diversity & harmony amongst Australians and celebrate the great photography this country has to offer.
The core essence of our awards is to promote -
1. Social understanding.
2. Artistic excellence throughout Australia.
We are working with some social partners as well as having some great corporate sponsors on board headlined by our major sponsor Fujifilm Australia providing wonderful prizes for the winners.

I'd love to hear what your thoughts are regarding this.

Many thanks,


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