Friday, 15 July 2016

July meeting notes

General meeting of the Yea Camera Club held in the RSL hall on Wednesday 13th July 2016

Present: AP X2  JCX2  AC  KG  AA  SM  GK  MH  BW
Apologies   JH KH PR

Wolf Marx, a member of the Australian Photography Judges Association from the Camberwell Camera Club gave a presentation on STREET PHOTOGRAPHY.

Here are the notes on his presentation.

Definition of Street Photography. – random activities in public places. Usually features people in chance encounters, un- manipulated and unaware. There should be GRACE.

Australian Law – no one has the right not to be photographed in a public place. Use commonsense and discretion.

Tips for better photographs
  1. Look for interesting locations and wait for interesting passers by
  2.  Go to political rallies, protests and public events.
  3. Try to avoid harsh light.
  4. Use small cameras for discrete shots.
  5. Use auto focus or hyperfocul length. There is an app for this “Set my Camera.”
  6. Use shutter priority 150/200th second.
  7. Prowl the streets.
Winner of the Judge’s award for Capture an idea June - light - was Alan Synnott. 

Highly Commended Ann Anstey and Phil Glowacki.

Winner of the Peer Review was Phil Glowacki. Highly Commended was Alan Cole.

Homework is 2 Street Photographs taken in Yea.To be emailed to AlanC by the Monday before the August meeting.

Members are reminded that subscriptions for 2016/17 are now payable ( by direct debit or on pay to AnnA on the night of a meeting).

Next meeting will include the Annual General Meeting, at which all executive positions will be declared vacant. Nominations are requested to fill these functions – President, Vice President, Secretary , Treasurer and at least one non executive position .

Nominations should be forwarded to John C at yeacamerra<at>

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