Monday, 15 August 2016

July Meeting

Minutes of the Yea Camera Club Inc. general meeting held in the Yea RSL hall on Wednesday 10th August at &.00pm and
The AGM of the above club commencing at 8.30pm

Present; Alan Cole,  Phil Glowacki,  Kerry Gouldthorpe, Bryan Worth , Colin Whiteway,  Ann Anstey, Gidget Knight,  Valerie Uhd , Joy and John Clayton,  Ann and Andrew  Potts, Judy Hoffman
Apologies: Stuart MacLennan,  Michael Minter,  Alan Synnott,  Keith Hoffman
Guest Martin Shaw
Guest Presenter  Vicky Moritz

Vicky gave a presentation on judging criteria and what makes a good photograph a competition winner.

Alan Cole was congratulated on winning the Flowerdale Competition.

The outing to Healesville sanctuary was confirmed for October 23rd, and Ann Anstey would invite other clubs to join us. If we have a group, we may be able to arrange a group discount on entry.

Ann Anstey has arranged for Peter Kewley to address the November meeting on the requirements for entry into the VAPS Interclub competition and also the role of VAPS.

Judy Hoffman  has offered to take  a group on night photography and star trails August 30th meet at the RSL at 7.00pm.  Event subject to the weather and will be confirmed nearer the night.

Capture an Idea peer Choice winner : John Clayton and Alan Cole tied for 1st place.
Judge’s winner: Joy Clayton

Word for September is GAP and homework is a photograph of your Pet. Try a Pet portrait – google for ideas.

Meeting closed

Minutes of the AGM

Meeting opened at 8.30pm with attendance as for the general meeting.

Minutes of the 2015 AGM

Motion moved by the Secretary that as these had been previously circulated to all members by email, they be taken as read.    Seconded : Ann Potts   Passed

There was no general business from the minutes.

President’s Report
Kerry reviewed the activities of the club over the past year and thanked the committee for their support, especially Ann Anstey for her organisation of the programme and Alan Cole for his work in the annual show and his monthly projection skills. Alan and Michael Minter were also thanked for their photography with the Yea Arts Carnivale for which the club received a donation from the Carnivale committee.
Acceptance moved by Gidget Knight  Seconded  Judy Hoffman      Approved.

Treasurer’s Report
The financial records for the 2015 Show and for the 2015/16 year were presented to the membership. The Treasurer made a comment that Expenses exceeded income and that a successful show was important financially to the club, and/or other funding activities would be required to support the current style of operation.
Moved   Joy Clayton Seconded  Ann Anstey      Approved

Resolution that the number of Committee members remain at the current 7 members for 2016/17     Moved  Judy Hoffman     Seconded   Andrew Potts  Approved

Committee positions were declared vacant and nominations were sought from the floor.
Written nomination were received, proposed and seconded for the positions of
President Kerry Gouldthorpe
Vice President Judy Hoffman
Treasurer Joy Clayton
Secretary John Clayton
There were no other nominations therefore the nominees were elected by acclaim.
The nomination of ordinary, non-executive and not Officers of the Club, was discussed by the membership.  A motion to allow the Officers of the club to meet subsequently and decide the number and nominees was approved. Written nominations have been received from Ann Anstey and Ann Potts and a nomination from the floor was received from Andrew Potts.

Motion : That the membership fees for 2016/17 remain at the current membership rates.
Moved : Judy Hoffman Seconded Kerry Gouldthorpe  Approved

Meeting closed 10.00pm

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