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November Photographic Competitions

We would like to invite all members of Yea Camera Club to enter November's Photography Competitions. If you could forward this email on to your members we would really appreciate it.

Open to all photographers.

This month's Photographic Competitions are:
Great Outdoors Photography Competition
Streetwise Photography Competition
Food Photography Competition
Major Events Photography Competition

Last months winners can be found at:

Unforgettable Places
Shape, Colour and Textures Photography Competition
Our Colourful World Photography Competition
Family Life Photography Competition

Over £6,000s worth of photographic prizes to be won!

Feeling lucky? Then don't miss our fantastic selection of brand new photographic prize draws.

To enter all you need to do is visit the SWPP website and fill out the required forms.

London Photographic Convention and Trade Show 2017

Europe's Largest 'All-welcome' Photographic Convention and Trade Show is to take place at the Hilton London Metropole, Edgware Road , London in January 2017.

All photographers from professionals to enthusiasts are welcome to attend The Societies' Convention and Trade Show. Over 100 exhibitors have confirmed their attendance and over 30 hours of free seminars and demos are set to take place during the Trade Show (Friday 13-Sunday 15).

Pre-register before 6 January 2017 for FREE and avoid £10 entry fee to Trade Show.

Also 200 Hours of Masterclasses in All Aspects of Photography

Don't miss out on the chance to start off the year with inspiration from some of the world's best photographers.


Colin Jones
Company Director
The Societies of Photographers

6 Bath St.
LL18 3EB

Tel +44 (0)1745 356935

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Friday, 4 November 2016

Supermoon Nov 14th

We’re about to see a record-breaking supermoon - the biggest in nearly 70 years
The closest full moon in the 21st century.
2 NOV 2016
If you only see one astronomical event this year, make it the November supermoon, when the Moon will be the closest to Earth it’s been since January 1948.
During the event, which will happen on the eve of November 14, the Moon will appear up to 14 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter than an average full moon. This is the closest the Moon will get to Earth until 25 November 2034, so you really don’t want to miss this one.
So how do you get a supermoon? 
As NASA explains, because the Moon has an elliptical orbit, one side - called the perigee - is about 48,280 km (30,000 miles) closer to Earth than the other side (the apogee). 
When the Sun, the Moon, and Earth line up as the Moon orbits Earth, that’s known as syzygy (definitely something you want to keep in your back pocket for your next Scrabble match).
When this Earth-Moon-Sun system occurs with the perigee side of the Moon facing us, and the Moon happens to be on the opposite side of Earth from the Sun, we get what’s called a perigee-syzygy.
That causes the Moon to appear much bigger and brighter in our sky than usual, and it’s referred to as a supermoon - or more technically, a perigee moon.
Supermoons aren’t all that uncommon - we just had one on October 16, and after the November 14 super-supermoon, we’ll have another one on December 14.
But because the November 14 Moon becomes full within about 2 hours of perigee, it’s going to look the biggest it has in nearly seven decades.
"The full moon of November 14 is not only the closest full moon of 2016, but also the closest full moon to date in the 21st century," says NASA. "The full moon won’t come this close to Earth again until 25 November 2034."
Depending on where you're viewing it from, the difference between a supermoon and a regular full moon can be stark, or difficult to tell. If the Moon is hanging high overhead, and you have no buildings or landmarks to compare it to, it can be tricky to tell that it's larger than usual.
But if you're viewing from a spot where the Moon is sitting closer to the horizon, it can create what's known as 'moon illusion'.

"When the moon is near the horizon, it can look unnaturally large when viewed through trees, buildings, or other foreground objects," says NASA. "The effect is an optical illusion, but that fact doesn’t take away from the experience."

How to Find Your Photography Niche:

You Don’t Have To Master It All

This post on Digital Photography School might I thought interest club members.

Most of us try to be the best at all areas of photography but for me I have found that Macro and nature is my niche. What is yours?? Click on the link below to take you to the article. There are many great ideas on this site.

How to Find Your Photography Niche

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

VAPS Newsbrief November 2016

VAPS Newsbrief
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Victorian Association of Photographic Societies Inc.
November 2016. Vol. 43, No 10.


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VAPS Annual General Meeting
VAPS Annual General Meeting.
6 November 2016

Details have been sent to clubs.




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Message from the Newsbrief Editor
It is just on 12 months since the format of the Newsbrief moved to an email format rather than one designed for print. How has it impacted you? Are you making full use of the ability to explore links to navigate internally and externally? Do you use the facility to view it in your browser? Is the content of use to you? How do you cope with the scrolling required to explore sections? If you receive your copy forwarded from your club secretary have you considered subscribing directly? The Annual General Meeting would be a good change for your representative to comment to me about your reaction to the Newsbrief over this year. I will be pleased to meet you on that occasion.

Alan Wilson, from the VAPS Committee, has an interesting article included in this newsbrief. A further one will be included in the December Newsbrief.

Barry Povey (Berwick Viewfinders Camera Club)
Danielle Le Gassick (Pakenham Camera Club)
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History & Archives - Alan Wilson
Alan has supplied a most interesting comment on the first edition of VAPS REVIEW.

"VAPS REVIEW", VOL. 1, No. 1, August 1970
We, at VAPS, have had the good fortune to acquire the VAPS newsletter of August 1970. It was labeled volume 1, number 1, and was called the "VAPS REVIEW". It was kindly donated by Allen Hilton of the Essendon Camera Club.

This was VAPS' first issue of the "REVIEW" after a long pause. They say "It is, in fact, such a long pause that many will not know that there was ever such a publication, but some years ago the VAPS had a magazine which was named "REVIEW"".

The objective was to print the "REVIEW" every second month, "and be circulated to each individual member of all the affiliated clubs."
At that time (1970), there were approximately 3000 members of camera clubs in Victoria (We have a similar number now, I believe), and about 90 affiliated clubs. That year the VAPS AGM was held in the V.A.C.S. Theatre, 2 Napier Street, Fitzroy.

The "REVIEW" contains a few articles, one of which concerns the Melbourne Camera Club. We quote :
"In 1891, a group of men who were "fascinated by the new artistic medium of photography" decided to form a club to discuss techniques and enjoy looking at lantern slides which they had produced.

Called the Working Men's College Photographic Club, it was destined to become the most famous club in Australia.
Subscriptions were 5/- for gentlemen and 2/6 for ladies. Membership, which was open to everyone, was about 500.

Country outings were popular, with about 150 members rolling up in their hansom (
a two-wheeled horse-drawn cab accommodating two inside, with the driver seated behind) cabs, complete with their equipment. Stand cameras were the last word, they used 15 inch x 12-inch plates   …

Contact printing was the popular technique, and the crashing of plates was a frequently heard sound.
Gaslight paper and roll film had just reached the American market. In 1898, a complete kit consisting of camera, tripod, lens, plates, dishes, lamp and chemicals was advertised at
£1/1/- .

In 1918, the club severed its connection with the Working Men's College (now the R.M.I.T.) and changed its name to the Melbourne Camera Club."

Note: £1/1/- is one pound and one shilling or a guinea or $2.10 in dollars and cents.
Great Photographic Adventures
VAPS Annual Convention
27-8 May 2017.



Speaker Lineup:
Tom Putt outstanding Landscape photographer, Tom will take us on a surprising photographic journey
Darran and Pearce Leal, Photographic Travel adventures to places far afield, rare opportunity to have this dynamic Father and Son team together
Craig Wetjen, Photographic Studies College, defining the image, making of his award book, "The Men's Shed"
Roosters Overland, by motorbike to Iran, a photographic adventure to be told
Ballarat Biennale Creative Director. A new approach to the Biennale

"Lunch included both days"
Friday Social Dinner Frankston RSL
Saturday Formal Awards Night Frankston Arts Centre
++ Plus more to come
The VAPS 2017 Convention and Interclub Exhibition will be a fantastic weekend, plan your visit now!

Registration forms available later this year
Accommodation availability soon to be announced
Updates in VAPS Newsbrief and on the website
Subject to change
Each year VAPS selects 10 of each Colour and Monochrome Prints and 10 of each Colour and Mono Digital images from the VAPS Interclub competition.

These images are then sent on to the state that is managing the Australian Photographic Society annual APSCON convention.

The images from each state are then judged and awards in the AIPC competition are announced at the convention.

This year we congratulate Susan Brunialti from the Melbourne Camera Club in having the Best Image in the AIPC competition.

Susan has been awarded a Herbert Medal and also the Roy Berryman perpetual trophy for her outstanding image

"I See You   ….. Susan Brunialti"
Results Australian Interstate Photographic Competition
Monochrome Digital Images
Cold Alan Vincent 20
Himba Girl Sam Mariani 23
Mushrooms Daniel Tang 22
Scales Linda Keagle 25*
Sisters Stephanie Johnson 21
Tears of Joy Allan Davis 24
The Barber Linda Keagle 22
Topper Pam Kreuger 23
Tree in Snow Judy McEachern 24
Welcome to Country Jim Weatherill 20
  Total     224
Colour Digital Images
Bald Eagle Craig Drowley 23
Captured Vanessa Santvoort 26
Dawn Over the Murray Craig Gurnett 26
Dutch Girl Jane Kelynack 25
Evil Eyes Phil Mitchell 23
I See You Susan Brunialti 28**
Nature's Strike Hans Kawitzki  EFIAP  FAPS 25
Tandem Flight Brian Hillman 21
We're Up Here! Gerry Van Der Meer 21
Sultry Martin Clancy 24
Total     242

Competition Results.
QLD 234 230 217 217 898
NSW 247 240 220 249 956
SA 243 236 216 245 940
VIC 244 236 224 242 946
WA 222 240 462
Note: Scoring system used resulted in a maximum of 30 points being awarded per image.

Monochrome Prints
Joyous Laughter Boyd Robinson 26
Leap of Faith Mark Vivian 28*
Maasai Lady Neil Anderson 22
Peaceful Janet Rogerson 23
Sad and Lonely John Chapman 22
Sharna Peter Elgar 22
Soft Movement Leanne Moore 23
Top of Cradle Mountain Ross Ipenberg 24
Wavelength Mario Mirabile 27*
Wrapped Up Margaret Edwards  AAPS 27
Total 244

Colour Prints
Beauty Knows No Age Marg Huxtable  AAPS 24
Blackboy Nectar Joel Sculley 22
Flame Robin Male   1 Neil Anderton 24
George the Gecko Phil Taylor 24
In Blue and Green Martin Clancy 24
Living on the Reef David Reinhard 23
Market Man Tony Harding 26
Oh My! Dale Gaylard 23
Pink Sunset Rosie Hughes 23
Yellow Robin Kim Wormald 23
Total 236

Note * depicts Merit
** depicts Winner
Congratulations NSW, the WINNER of
AIPC 2016

Ballarat Camera Club Inc

A Call for Entries!
The 47th Ballarat National Photography Competition

Once again this year, the Ballarat National Competition has been fortunate to secure the Art Gallery of Ballarat as the venue from the 10th of December to the 15th of January to display the award-winning entries. It's an incredible display space if you are yet to visit it.
We are asking for your help!
Please support our National Photography Competition by entering soon! Entry numbers have been low this year and we would very much like to have the exhibition thriving once again.

We have an incredible line-up of professional and experienced photographers ready to undertake the task of judging the prints; a great group of volunteers from local Ballarat camera clubs and the passion for making it work.

Let's support and nurture the ideology that a photograph isn't a photograph unless it's printed!

Let's support the volunteers that have strived to keep this Victorian based National competition going for 47 events.

Please take a look through your printed images and enter now!


Extended Deadline Details
Entry forms must be emailed through by the 3rd of November.
Prints will be accepted until 12 noon, Saturday the 12th November.

Click here to go to the Ballarat Camera Club web page to download the entry form which includes the contact details.

Please contact Betty Bibby on 0458 533 217 or Liz Cocks on 5339 2650 for further information.

We look forward to your support.

Ballarat Camera Club.
The Maitland International Photographic Salon
There are advantages for locals to enter this Salon.
It is useful for those who are trying to advance their photography by getting  a comparison of which of their images do well against international exhibitors.  Acceptances and awards can be used if applying for Honours with APS or the international bodies.
It is much less expensive if you are sending prints as postage is much cheaper and images do not have to be mounted.
If you have not entered an International or even a National Competition before, give it a go as life's too short to keep saying "my images are not good enough yet".

The Salon is open now and closes for entries on 16 January 2017
Ian English EFIAP

Sections are:
Monochrome Prints
Colour Prints
Nature Prints (colour or monochrome)
Open Projected Images (colour or monochrome)
Nature Projected Images (colour or monochrome)
Photo Travel Projected Images (Colour or monochrome)

National Photographic Portrait Prize 2017

VAPS forms are being updated and turned into Interactive PDF forms.
This means that you can type directly into the fillable spaces, save the document and print it by using the hot buttons in the document.

To read these documents you need the Adobe Acrobat Free Reader which can be accessed and downloaded from the link below,

So if you don't have the Adobe Reader installed, get it now. It is free and an industry standard.

Of course, you can still print the Interactive forms and complete them manually if you want to do that.

Click on the Adobe Icon below to go to the Adobe download page

Remember to save the PDF once you have completed the details required.
Dichotomy by Vicki Moritz.
28 Oct 2016 to 28 Nov 2016
Fri to Sun 10.00 - 4.00. Mon 11.00 - 3.00
34 High Street Yea
Did you read the article in the October Newbrief. Here is a reminder and a link if you need it. Service Awards Link.
From Clubs/Societies and Others
Corio Bay Camera Club
Corio Bay Camera Club have an interesting project on their Calendar.

"Annual Project  "Out of the Hat".  Members are given a random theme/subject drawn out of a hat. You have until a particular date to create a small portfolio of images that interpret the theme you have been allocated."

Have you tried something like that?

(Editor: We tried it at Berwick Viewfinders Camera Club with success. It got members thinking "outside the box" and sharing their results. It worked well.)

Colac Camera Club
Wow! Does their home page on the web have an impact! Check it out.
Check out how they present their competition results.
East Gippsland Photographic Society
East Gippsland Photographic Society uses Flickr to share members' images from their field trip. "Way to go!" Excellent.
Click here.
The Melbourne Camera Club
VAPS Interclub 2017


Due to vehicle and storage and weight restrictions next year
we will not be able to accept club wooden boxes
for club prints.


Clubs are requested to use A2 folios that are available from
Office Works ($60), Riot Art Supplies and Seniors Art Supplies.
For Sale
(Free ads for members of affilated clubs)
2 x AF-S Nikko 28-300mm f3.5-5.6G ED VR lenses.
We have taken several excellent award-winning images with these lenses.
Excellent condition in their original boxes.
(We are upgrading to 70-200 f2.8 lenses.)
$500 each
Contact Alfred Zommers
0414 336 234
FOR SALE - $150
NEC Projector Model VT 595 – standard definition

The unit is about 8 years old, in excellent working order and the lamp would have operated for about 100 hours over that period – so it still has a good life ahead of it.

This would suit a new club with limited funds or as a backup for others. It may also suit an individual who may like to view digital images a bit larger than on the TV screen.

Pickup from Box Hill North or buyer to cover any freight costs [unless you are a "new Club with limited funds" then we will cover them!]

Enquiries/Contact to:

John Smith on 9890 2957 or 0428678972    
VIGEX 1st International Digital Salon - 2016
You can see the 2016 Results here.

Australian Photographic Judges Association

APJA training 2017 

Australian Photographic Judges Association is conducting training in 2017 for Levels 2, and 3 and 4.
If you are a judge then this training is for you. If you are interested in becoming a judge then this training is for you.
If you are just interested in learning more and improving your photography skills then this training is for you.

All are held at  St. Peters Anglican Church Hall
Cnr. Ames Ave & Neerim Rd Murrumbeena.  (Melway 68 K5)
BYO lunch. Morning and afternoon teas provided.
Cost:    APJA members                                       $25
            Persons on the current Judges List         $35
            Others                                                   $50

Details of training courses will be announced when finalised.


VAPS, Organisational member of Australian Photographic Society
Victorian Associations of Photographic Societies Inc
Proudly acknowledges as a returning and valued sponsor

Imagebank Australia

At this year's interclub competition, Imagebank Australia awarded vouchers to the value of $100 toward any size Acrylic print to 20 photographers selected from the AIPC Victorian print finalists.

The deadline that these vouchers must be used by is 1 September 2016.

The AIPC selection committee selected prints nominated to go on to the AIPC judging. Selected prints were  identified on the exhibition boards.

On behalf of the VAPS community, we would like to thank the management and staff of Imagebank Australia for their kind and generous sponsorship and we look forward to a long association.

We ask all our members to support Imagebank Australia by visiting their website at and utilising their expert services for your next important print work.
Victorian Association of Photographic Societies Inc Welcomes Epson Australia Pty Ltd
A new and valued sponsor for our members' benefit.
Special Offer from Epson for VAPS Club Members
Register at the following link to receive a $20 online shop voucher as well as many offers from the Epson range of products.
We encourage our club members to support Epson in your next printer purchase. Visit their website at to get all of the information on the new Epson SureColor SC‐P600.
Thank you Epson for your support to the Camera Clubs of Victoria
Any members of an accredited Camera Club or Society interested in evaluating images or judging are invited to apply to join the Australian Photographic Judges Association.
You do not need to be an active judge to be a member.
The prime objective of the Association is to help develop the evaluation and judging skills of members.
Further information contact:
Rob Sloane:   or
Paul Robinson:


or go to the VAPS Website at

Open the News tab and select Newsbrief newsletters.
There you can subscribe for a free email copy of Newsbrief.
Keep up with all of the announcements and news from the clubs.
Hard copy of Newsbrief is not be available in 2016
VAPS Committee Listing
Ian Rolfe

Vice President/Chair Judging Sub-committee
Alfred Zommers

Vice President /Interclub
Peter Kewley,
0429 826960

Lorraine Holden
(03) 9557 7951

Jeanette Colson

Badges & Awards
Web Administrator/Convention

Policy and Documentation
Peter Calder

Newsbrief Editor
Barry Povey
(03) 9798 7441

History & Archives
Alan Wilson

Committee Member/Assistant Web Admin.
Betty Bibby

Committee Member
Danielle LeGassick

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Victorian Association
of Photographic Societies Inc.

General Enquiries:
P.O. Box 2010, South Melbourne, Victoria, 3205
Lorraine Holden:
VAPS Objectives
  • To advance the art of photography.
  • To further the interests of affiliated bodies.
  • To draw up regulations governing exhibitions and inter-club competitions.
  • To arrange the exchange of guest lecturers and demonstrations on any subject relating to photography.
  • To arrange the exchange of prints between clubs.
  • To arrange periodical conventions for members of affiliated bodies and guests.
  • To arrange the publication of an official journal or news sheet .
A Brief History:
Camera clubs have existed in Melbourne since the 1890's and an umbrella organisation called the Victorian Photographic Affiliation was formed in 1908. This guided amateur photography in Victoria for forty years. The Victorian Association of Photographic Societies was formed on 27 September 1952 and comprised of 12 clubs. This has grown to more than 70 clubs in Jan 2016. VAPS is a non-profit association that is entirely self-funded. The Association is run by an elected Committee of Management which is responsible for the operations of the Association, and for ensuring the Association fulfils the objectives.
Victorian Association of Photographic Societies welcomes contributions from interested parties, however, Victorian Association of Photographic Societies accepts no responsibility for the content of these contributions and the views contained therein are not necessarily those of Victorian Association of Photographic Societies. While every care is taken with solicited and unsolicited materials supplied, Victorian Association of Photographic Societies does not accept any liability for loss or damage however caused. Victorian Association of Photographic Societies takes no responsibility for the claims made by advertisers or transactions by. Does not endorse the products sold on the website/Newsbrief or enter into any of the exchanges. Nor is the Victorian Association of Photographic Societies responsible for any exchanging of information or monetary amounts. All transactions are solely the responsibility of the advertiser and purchaser.
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  • Reformatting of text will occur (fonts and size) to suit the email format. (Paragraph 14, Heading 16-18, San serif fonts)
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Images will be reduced in size as appropriate for email. Text submissions preferred in Microsoft Word format. Images are preferred as JPEG.
PDF files can be accommodated.
Costs: Ads of any size.
Commercial $100 per issue
Commercial (Member discount) $50 per issue
Affiliated Clubs and their members, free.

Contact the editor if you have questions.
Next Issue - December
Newsbrief publication deadline 26 November 2016.
Newsbrief Editor: Barry Povey:
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