Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Minutes of Meeting 8th Feb

General meeting of the Yea Camera Club in the RSL hall @ 7.00pm on Wednesday 8th February.

Present: Ann Anstey / John & Joy Clayton/ Alan Cole/ Stuart Mclennan/ Kerry Gouldthorpe / Phil Glowacki / Gidget Knight/ Ann & Andrew Potts/ Colin Whiteway.
Guest Desli
                Janine Harrison and sons, Jack and Liam.

Apologies Pauline Roberts Marie Hanby

1.                   Kerry introduced Desli – “The Photographer’s Toolbox.”
She and her brother bought the business approx. 2 yrs. ago. They have a retail presence off Canterbury Road at Southfork Drive. They specialise in Products / Gifts, but also backdrops (6m x 3m) stands and lights. Club members receive a discount.

2.                   Camera Club Outing to the Lotus Farm Saturday 18th Feb. Meet 9.30 am at the RSL or 11.00 am at the Lotus Farm.

3.                   Capture an Idea “ Circle/s/Round” There was a tie for 1st. place between # 18 and # 12. “Capture an Idea “ for March is Industry/Machinery.

4.                   Ann Potts/Joy Clayton/Alan Cole/Phil Glowacki will judge the submissions for the VAPS Interclub tomorrow Thursday 9th.

5.                   Ann Potts announced the first meeting of the midweek club, and it will meet on Tuesday 14th in the Y Water Discovery Centre car park at 9.30am. Note this car park is over the bridge on the left when heading to Alex.

6.                   Alan Cole made a terrific presentation on FOCUS.

7.                   He illustrated some of the science behind obtaining a focus and the differences between manual and auto focus, and the sub categories in auto. Some of the specifics were a bit difficult because of the range of camera manufacturers and models. Not all members had all the attributes mentioned because they had different cameras, but Alan made it instructional to all and finished with a practical exercise. Many thanks to Alan

1.        1 pic in sharp focus of a moving object.
2.        1 pic of a very small object using a large depth of field.

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