Thursday, 9 March 2017

Meeting Wed 8th March

General meeting of the Yea Camera Club Inc. held Wednesday 8th March in the RSL room.

Present: Kerry Gouldthorpe/  Phil Glowacki/  Alan Cole/  Ann Potts and Andrew Potts  Alan Synnott/  Ann Anstey / Joy and John Clayton/  Marie Hanby/  Michael Minter/  Gidget Knight / Colin Whiteway/  Stuart Mc Lennan

Peter Dunphy gave a presentation on Professional Landscape Photography. He illustrated a series of guidelines:

Structures and Templates.
The Hogarth  S
Liveliness v Diagonals
Divide the picture into 4 and have something interesting in each.
Vanishing point for lines. Strong lines can disappear outside the shot.
Front and Centre
Compositional Thirds
Tonality  Focus   Colour

A good professional knows what the shot is before picking up the camera. Location research is 90% of the job. See everything before you shoot anything. It’s all about the light – golden 20 minutes!
Camera gear – Outstanding optics and good sensor plus a tripod.

Folio piece
This year, this concept will replace our homework. Over the year the aim is to produce six pieces of our very best work which can be entered into our Melbourne Cup competition, be displayed in our January display and also be ready for the assessment process for the VAPS Inter Club competition. 

The monthly topics will be aligned as far as possible with the monthly presentations. Your submission can be a print presented at the next meeting or a digital sent to Alan Cole and the concept is that it will then be positively reviewed by the members present. Hopefully suggestions will enable you to improve the image so that the final result is as good as you can make it.

This month’s topics are Landscape or Flora/fauna.

Ann Potts reported on the visit to the Blue Lotus Farm outing.

VAPS Convention in Monash Uni Frankston. May 25/26/27 Our Interclub entries and those of the other clubs will be on display. Members must register to attend, and can attend Friday night, Saturday, Sunday, Monday or all days according to their wish. Visit the VAPS web site for details

Kerry announced that as a result of a pre poll of members, the club will run a competition and display over the Melbourne Cup weekend.

A call was made for interested members to join the committee to organise and Ann Anstey, Ann and Andrew Potts, and Phil Glowacki and  Gidget Knight volunteered. Joy and John Clayton will steer the committee.

Ballarat International.19/20 August This weekend in August coincides with AFL in Ballarat and interested members were advised to book their accommodation ASAP.

Photo judging. As previously announced on the night, the Peer winner for February “Rounds” was Ann Anstey and Phil Glowacki. The judge’s choice was Kerry Gouldthorpe, with Highly Commended Joy and merit Ann A.

Michael alerted members to a Photo Exhibition at the NGV from now until August.

Kerry asked for volunteers to photograph the Harvest Festival next Wednesday 10.30 – 2.00pm. Ann Potts and Michael volunteered.

Kerry alerted members to the UGLN photo competition. Check the web page or facebook for details.

Next meeting of the midweek clubbers will be Tuesday 14th @ 9.30 meeting at Cummins Reserve.

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