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Lismore Show 2017 - Western Plains Photographic Exhibition

9th Lismore Photography Show, 2017

SHOW DATE: 29th April, 2017. 9am – 4pm  Entries close no later than 5pm Wed 19th April, 2017
Venue: Lismore Community Centre      Admission $5, under 16 free. 
ALL entry fees in ALL sections, excluding Junior, are applicable up to 15 entries, thereafter any entries are FREE.
SECTIONS:  Junior: 10 yrs & below. Free entry.    Youth: 11 to 16yrs. 50c per entry.
Novice: Must never have won a 1st placing in a Lismore Photo Show: $1 per entry.
Intermediate: Can win up to three, 3, or under 1st placings in this Section prior having to go into Open. $1 per entry. Open: For those who have won several 1st placings in a Lismore Photo Show.
Medallions also awarded to: Judges, Presidents and Peoples Choices – Sponsored by R & J Framing & Plaques
Landcare in Action is not available to the Open Section.

Award Presentation:  3.30pm
1 Corangamite Shire Building/Scenery                       Sponsored by: Western Plains Photography Club
2 Creatures                                                                 Sponsored by: Corangamite Water Transport
3 Land or Sea Scape, Jnr/yth are unable to enter here  Sponsored by: Hewitt & Whitty
4 Portrait                                                                     Sponsored by:  Lismore & District Lions Club
5 Garden                                                                     Sponsored by: Lismore & District Garden Club
6 Pictoria                                                                    Sponsored by: W.D Publishing
7 Monochrome                                                           Sponsored by: Western Plains Photography Club
8 Photojournalism                                                      Sponsored by: Focus On Hamilton Highway.
9 Creative Expression, Jnr/Yth ONLY to enter this.   Sponsored by: Hewitt & Whitty
10 Landcare in Action - Architectural Landscape       Sponsored by Lismore Land Protection Group

1 Corangamite Shire: A Buildings & Scenery that must be identifiable as coming from within Shire boundaries.
2 Creatures. Animal, birds, insect etc.
3 Land or Sea Scape. Must contain natural scenery of terrain without man made objects dominating photo. No Jnr acceptance for this Category.
4 Portrait. People, person or animals acceptable.
5 Garden. Natural or man made objects found in a garden.
6 Pictorial. Any subject: Good composition, impact, storytelling, appeal or interest.
7 Monochrome. A photo consisting of the use of one colour, only, and does including Black and White photos.
8 Photojournalism – A photo telling a newspaper worthy story.
9 Creative Expression. Image must display a change in natural colour, form, shape, or any combination of these 3. 10 Landcare in Action. A positive impact on the environment such as - land and wildlife conservation ie planting flora, clearing waterways, clearing rabbit burrows, flora and fauna protection, building shelterbelt for wildlife - eg tree plantations or areas around waterways planted with vegetation etc. Photos of a plant or an animal, unless it is a part of the above definition, does not qualify for entry in this category, refer to Lismore Photo Show schedule – Creatures or Garden Categories.

Contact Shari @ Lismore Land Protection Group if in doubt of your subject. 55962384

Copy the below section and past into a Word document as the entry form.

·         Fees must accompany entries, unless entrant’s name & photo titles are sent via email, in which case fees must accompany entries and be delivered on or prior to the closing date.
·         Images can be colour or monochrome. All categories.
·         Prints must be mounted on either board or card no larger than 40 by 50cm.
·         Entries must be clearly printed on with – Entrants name, photo title, section, category and an upwards arrow or word “TOP” on the back to indicate top of photo.
·         If attending, entrants ARE TO TAKE their own prints home from venue after presentation but must present themselves to Secretary prior to leaving venue.
·         Postage or cash therein must accompany prints needing return post, only.
·         Prints will only be held at drop off points, after the show, for two (2) weeks unless after arrangements are made – otherwise they will be destroyed.
·         No photo winning a 1st in any section or category can be re-entered in the Lismore Photo Show.
·         IF ACCEPTED names of late entries may not appear in Photo Show Booklet.
·         Judges decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
·         Western Plains Photography Club have the right to refuse acceptance of any entry

Submission of entries to this Photography Show implies acceptance of Condition of entry.
READ all conditions carefully.
Name _________________________________  Address  _______________________________________
Email ______________________________ Phone No. _______________________________________
Competition Entry Form. Photocopies of forms acceptable.

                                                                                                   Total Entry

Entries can be left at the rear door of Dorothy Nicol's home @ 54 William St, Lismore  (opp Kinda), or hand to/send to Club Secretary – Lorraine Graham @1 Heriot St, Lismore VICTORIA (not NSW) 3324. Contact details are 0407875102 or Subject - Photo Shop

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