Monday, 17 April 2017

Notes from last camera club meeting

Meeting of the Yea Camera Club April 12th in the RSL at 7.00pm
Present:Alan Cole / Alan Synnott / Joy Clayton and John Clayton / Ann and Andrew Potts / Kerry Gouldthorpe / Phil Glowacki / Michael Minter / Stuart McLennan / Gidget Knight / Marie  Hanby / Ann Anstey.
Apology : Colin Whiteway
Kerry handed out a proposed schedule for our outing to the city on Sat 29th April. A very full day to be adjusted as the day develops. Meet at RSL at 8.00am.
John and Phil won the senior sections of the UGLN photography competition.
Paul Robinson gave a presentation on Long Exposure and Blur.
Long Exposure. Night time photography – no tripod ( use any firm construction as a support) very high ISO – X000 and large aperture and short time exposure. No flash – use available commercial lighting.
For moon photos – max aperture ISO 800  30 sec.
Blur – Paul showed examples of blurring techniques, using camera movement and zoom while shutter open.
Paul cold judged the Shadows prints for Capture an Idea.
Results                                    Judged                                                                                      Peer Choice
First                                          Alan Cole                                                                                 Andrew Potts
Merit                                       Andrew Potts
Highly Commended          Gidget Knight
                                                  Ann  Anstey
Results for March Industry / Machinery
Judged by Peter Kewley                                                                                                      Peer Choice
First                                          1st   John Clayton                                                                  Alan Cole
H.C. Phil Glowacki and Ann Anstey
Merit Ann Potts

The folio pieces Landscape or Flora / Fauna were critiqued by members,
Next month’s Folio piece is Street Photography.
Capture an Idea is Motion/Movement.
Next meeting Wednesday 10th May  

Please note that the Sunday 18th June workshop with Emma Gillette on textures has been cancelled

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