Friday, 8 September 2017

FIAP World Cup for Clubs

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APS Email

FIAP World Cup for Clubs

Dear Peter,

FIAP World Cup for Clubs
FIAP have just released the information and entry form for their World Cup for Clubs event for 2017. This is an event in which any camera club can participate. It is essentially a massive world wide interclub competition.
Whilst APS itself, being the Operational member for FIAP in Australia, cannot participate in this, APS members are able to enter by organising their local camera club to enter as a team. It is not a requirement to be a member of APS or for the club to be a FIAP member to be able to take part.
The FIAP website is not being currently kept up to date as a new website is being developed. In the absence of being able to provide a link to the relevant page of the FIAP website, the three documents associated with this event have been made available in the FIAP area of the APS website.
Please head to this page for all information regarding involvement with FIAP associated events
See the section there regarding this competition and follow the link for "Other FIAP Documentation" to download the entry information.
We have lots of highly successful clubs in Australia with groups entering international salons. So gather your team and have a go at this event. Time is tight with the digital upload of entries due by 10th Nov. The entry consists of 20 images with a max of 2 per person. Both club and individual awards are up for grabs.
Best of luck to those who take up this challenge. I hope to publicise any successes of our APS members and their local photography club in this event in our E-News.
Bronwen Casey
FIAP Liaison Officer
Kind regards,
Stella Fava | Secretary Australian Photographic Society
Suite 4, 8 Melville Street Parramatta NSW 2150
T 02 9890 9795 E W
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