Thursday, 19 October 2017

Canon Light Awards - Melbourne

My name is Neal Walters, and I'm one of the consumer experience managers for Canon Collective in Victoria.
As you may know already, we run 6 photography events weekly throughout Victoria, which range from beginner to experienced level workshops.

On October 21st this year the Melbourne leg of the Light Awards Live comes to town.
We have 4 world class photographers [Richard I'Anson, Ben Clement, Sarah Fountain & Tony Hewitt] each putting on a specialised workshop.
Each attendee will then be given a brief and then 24 hours to take their individual photo challenge.
The next day, feedback will be given by each judge to all submitted images in their workshop.

I'm reaching out today as we'd like to offer your photography club something special.
For each member that books a spot for Melbourne's Light Awards, they will then be able to come to a tailored workshop that we will work with your photography club to achieve.
We have every piece of camera equipment on the Canon roster, from 5DIV's to 7D II's, and also a full range of Haida filters and Broncolor studio lights to utilise. If there's a technique that your club shoots more, or even something that you have wanted to tackle but haven't had the right gear or knowhow, we will be able to set a class for it.

All they'll need to do is book a spot, let you know and then once you forward the details of their booking and email to myself, we will set aside time in the month or so post Light Awards to make this happen.

I've attached the PDF which has all the details of the event on this email, but if you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact myself.

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