Thursday, 8 February 2018

Feb meeting

Hi all
Welcome to 2018 and our monthly programme that Andrew Potts has worked hard to put together.

Our first meeting for the year will be NEXT Wednesday the 14th. at 7.00pm in the RSL.

We have a fun and learn evening planned. First up is Photography of a balloon bursting, filled with water. So bring your camera and maybe a tripod.

Obviously this is an outdoor activity and will be weather dependant. Those who did it last time had a lot of fun and can mentor the first timers.

When we have calmed down, Alan Cole will present another episode of "Back to Basics."

Some members have recently photographed the cycle races. I suggest that each send their two best shots to Alan Cole so that we can admire their skills.

A little housekeeping -
Bring your print for " Capture an Idea"  - TRIANGLE/S

Interclub competition. Please bring your two highest scoring prints from our November display, excluding any print that might have been exhibited in the 2017 Interclub.. If you didn't display in November, then please bring two prints that you consider your best efforts. A team of judges will have to be appointed and print and projected images decided by March 18th.

2018 Annual Yea Photography Competition. Are we having one? The membership MUST decide bearing in mind that additional help outside the committee will be required.

2018 Photography Project – Portrait of a Yea identity. Members should submit names of identities, so that each selected person is only approached once by one member,

Have fun.

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