Monday, 21 May 2018

May Meeting Notes

General meeting of the Yea Camera Club held 9th. May @ 7.00pm in the RSL hall

Present:Alan Cole / Ann Anstey / Phil Glowacki / Maree Hanby / Gidget Knight / John and Joy Clayton / Marty Shaw / Alan Synnott / Rae McLean / Colin Whiteway / Elizabeth Titulaer / Elle / Ron Litjens

Apologies: Ann and Andrew Potts , and Kerry Gouldthorpe

In the absence of the President, and Vice President , John steered the meeting.

The RSL has invited the camera club to attend a familiarisation session with Jenny Keast  on the use of a Defibrillator. The available dates and times, and contact details were read out to the members. ( Probably now the only available time slots will be Thursday 17 May.) Jenny may be contacted direct on 0408 369 053 or

The meeting confirmed that they did not want to run a competition this year. Ann Anstey will inform Lisa Cornwall that we do not have a requirement for Beaufort Manor.The club will consider running the competition bi annually.

Ron Litjens addressed the meeting to request that club members send photos of wildlife from within the Wetlands, to him for the Wetlands facebook page.His contact detail is

The meeting was a practical portrait session to practise for the Yea Identity Portrait project.
Ann Anstey organised models – Michelle Dolman and daughters , Natasha and Teagan, and Brian Ward. They were very patient and understanding. The meeting warmly thanked them.

Capture an Idea- Spirit.Winner was Joy

Next month Capture an Idea will be COOL

For this month only. Please bring, on a memory stick / USB / Flash Drive , to the next meeting your 3 Best portrait photos from this session in a folder named “portraits”. The photo Mb will be full size.

Thanks to Ann Anstey for supper. A volunteer required for next month.

Meeting closed.

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